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What is Syndicated Research?

Market research firms will often pay for studies, and then sell the reports to anyone who wants them. Syndicated research refers to a study funded and done by a market research organization for no specified customer. The findings of such studies are disseminated to the public and can be purchased by anyone in the form of reports, presentations, raw data, etc.

Syndicated service research firm use their expertise and established procedures to define the research topic and establish the parameters of a study conducted as part of a syndicate. So, if you want to use them instead of conducting your own market research, you may need to tweak them.

Why do we need syndicated research?

There are several reasons why a research syndicate is formed. Market research firms undertake syndicated studies for a number of uses:

  • In order to deepen their understanding of the fields they already work in or hope to one day enter.
  • Put available workers to good use during slow times.
  • To raise brand awareness by publishing findings publicly through a research syndication service.
  • That the company's abilities may be displayed.
  • Improve the state-of-the-art industry tracking and database service they offer their paying customers.

These are the main drivers for a market research firm spending time and money on a syndicated study when there is no guarantee of a return on investment.

Why SAC INSiGHT for Syndicated Research?

With accurate knowledge of the latest opportunities and threats in the market, a business may stand tall in the face of stiff rivalry. Thus, SAC INSiGHT, the best syndicated research company offers an extensive library of ready-made syndicated market research for a wide range of sectors. The experts on our team keep a watchful eye on the business climates in many different countries, paying special attention to the regional economies and the broader macro and microeconomic trends.

Our syndicated services in marketing research provide advice on how to improve a company's operations and, in turn, accelerate its expansion. Our thorough evaluations, sprinkled with pertinent information, provide an executive's road map for every particular market. A group of our analysts specifically gathers data from reliable business sources. 

To provide each customer with precisely what they need, we sift through data collected via primary and secondary research and present just the most relevant findings. SAC INSiGHT uses cutting-edge research methods to provide unmistakable insight, so our clients can develop effective methods of driving growth.


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