How To Order

How To Order

We are happy to know that you have showed interest in creating or sustaining the relationship with SAC Insight. We will be more than happy to guide you through the process of ordering a copy of the latest report you seek from us.


- On the Website

As you read this, we presume that you have a report or reports in mind that you wish to purchase from us. A simple and easy way to place your order is by clicking on the links provided on the report page. Our web pages host simple forms that can take you to having a copy of the report within hours.

- Call Us

While our lead forms are self-explanatory, we feel that many of our customers prefer calling us to place the orders. This is simply because they feel we could address small concerns they have regarding the transaction or the report itself. A customer service executive is available to take your call and help you with answers to your queries and in the meantime guide you with placing the order with us.

- Email

Another option to communicate with us about your order is email. You can write to us at and share your details and one of our members from the business development team will respond to you within 24 hours. You can also share your queries regarding business and reports that our business development team will be happy to clarify.

Please provide the following details while writing to us

 Name, company name, designation, address and contact

 Mode of payment

 Billing and delivery address

 Name of the report

 Specific requirements, if any


- Delivery Method -

We have a standard protocol in place for delivery of our research or industry analysis reports. The process in place is an outcome of experience and prevailing logistics benchmarks. So, if you have ordered an exclusive copy of the desired report, here what you can do

- For Online Copy

We usually take 24 hours to provide a PDF format of the requested report to the email id registered with us while placing the order. This, however, may vary depending on the customer’s requirements. In case of a customized report, we communicate the deadline through email after receipt of payment. SAC Insight is known to keep its promises, and we usually strive to deliver the copy of the report before the specified deadline.

- Physical Copy

In case you have also requested for a physical copy of the report, delivery depends on your location. SAC Insight ships a printed copy of the report to the desired address and a delivery fee is charged basis the location. Usually, delivery time is the same as mentioned by our logistic partners. However, circumstances or logistic issues may cause delay, and SAC Insight cannot be held responsible for the same. At the same time, any damage to the report copy during transit is not SAC Insight’s responsibility. Also, any request for returns shall be considered on a case-to-case basis only. SAC Insight holds the discretion to decide on return requests.

- Return Policy -

All transactions with SAC Insight are bound by set guidelines. They clearly are based on existing market standards and some of them unique to SAC Insight’s business policies that ensures transparency.

 All transactions with SAC Insight are bound by set guidelines. They clearly are based on existing market standards and some of them unique to SAC Insight’s business policies that ensures transparency.

 While there is no return or refund permitted, SAC Insight does agree to look into your case only under exceptional circumstances. Upon studying the situation, the management holds the rights to decide on refund or return.

 In case a refund is approved by SAC Insight, we only provide it in the form of SAC Insight credits equivalent to the refund sum promised. It is important to note that the credits provided have to be used within 12 months from the transaction

 While we strive hard to provide distinct reports with accurate information, and follow 8 Sigma process for our reports, there is still that nano chance of missing out on an information requested. In this case, we surely verify the user’s request and provide the missing information for free and at the earliest possible deadline.

Our return policies are based on the prevailing policies for delivery and payments. They are subject to change, and this may impact on the return policy too. Any changes shall be updated on this page. Policies published on the website will only be applicable.