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What is Custom Research?

When a client has specific data needs that a standard market survey won't address, they may opt to pay for a market research study known as "custom research". The best choice is SAC INSiGHT because it is the only customer market research company that can do the kind of customized market research that is necessary for serving core customers.

By providing a low-priced, fast-turnaround bespoke research service, SAC INSiGHT aids its clients in gaining the strategic insight they need to address business challenges, expand into new markets, develop and sell goods and services tailored to those markets, and boost profits.

Why do we need Custom Research?

The exploratory and descriptive phase is the time to employ custom research to learn as much as possible about the target market, industry, or organization. After reading through the available syndicated/off-the-shelf research report(s) in the exploratory phase of research, and having a well-defined data requirement that will assist you to take strategic decisions, it is common practice to undertake a custom study.

The following are examples of why a market research firm could undertake custom research:

  • If a client has specific data needs, those needs can't be addressed by using ready-made research reports, then bespoke research will need to be conducted.
  • In order to learn everything possible about the market or sector of interest.
  • In order to solve research challenges that aid in making tactical decisions.
  • Aiming to learn about one's competitors.

Why SAC INSiGHT for Custom Research?

The global clientele of SAC INSiGHT benefits from the firm's ability to do fully tailored market research. Aligning our domain-specific expertise with the breadth of data required by clients is a common part of each custom research assignment. Once the parameters of a bespoke research project have been settled upon, SAC analysts undertake primary and secondary research in accordance with best practices in the industry to sift through and analyze the data. 

In addition to incorporating ongoing feedback from clients, SAC INSiGHT custom research is evaluated by subject matter experts (SMEs) within the company. As the best custom marketing research firm we believe a company's marketing department to succeed, market intelligence must be an ongoing procedure, and it must be regularly updated. Whether you need regional or product/market/use case-specific research, SAC INSiGHT can help. 

The scope, cost, and timing of our bespoke research services can be adjusted to meet your needs. Market opportunity analysis, competitive benchmarking, company profiling, cost-benefit, and feasibility analyses are only some of the areas covered by SAC INSiGHT's tailored services.


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